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Joss Whedon's Whores

First Entry for 2011

First Entry for 2011

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Escape to the beach
Hey Joss-fans! What's up with all of ya? Still into the Whedon-verse or not?
  • I'm still here, I think we're all probably still in the Whedon-verse but not so much on LJ. I still use it to get certain webcomics but I've mostly abandoned it for journaling and keeping track of people.
    • So you admit you're a Facebook sheep? lol.
      • I do have a rarely used account, mostly to keep track of sheepish friends and family that are far away. But Twitter is my main outlet and a Blogger account when I have something more to say.
  • I'm still in both Whedonverse and LJ - it's awfully quiet lately though!
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